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If you are in business and need professional help to maintain your computer systems, network and office hardware, Micro Data Services can provide all the computer repair and IT services you need.

IT and computer specialists in North London

Don't lose business

In this digital era, when your business suffers from an IT malfunction, it can spell disaster for you or your clients.


We provide fast, efficient and reliable IT support and hardware maintenance to help reduce downtime for your business.

Specialist data services

It is likely that your business relies on computers and online solutions to keep data safe.


But what if these systems fail?  You should contact us for data backup services as a safety net for those worst case scenarios you may experience.

Keep your business running Protect your business from disaster

IT specialists to keep your business running efficiently and effectively.

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Unleash your business potential

If you or your staff require high quality and up to date computer training then call us. Our in house experts can teach you all you need to know!

Computer training available

We have over 20 years' experience as computer repair, networking and IT specialists.


You can be sure of quality service every time, and with no sponsorship or commission from manufacturers or 3rd parties, we won't sell what you don't need.

Trustworthy and independent

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