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In an age where most of our valuable information is kept online, on hard drives or on other digital sources, a failure of these devices can spell disaster. We offer a safety net of data services in case you are struck with software or computer failure.

Data services to support your business

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Avoid disaster - Back-up data

Data back-up services

To keep your information safe, backing it up is highly recommended. We can either do this remotely or physically depending on your needs, keeping your data safe for your peace of mind.

Data recovery

If your computers have failed and you haven't backed up your data elsewhere, we may be able to recover it for you. Our experienced technicians have lots of experience so call us when you need specialist help.

Data back-up is an important aspect of keeping your office running smoothly. You can benefit from this service along with our other office support services keeping your business online and safe.

Data back-up in your office

Although data back-up is vital for a business, it can also be useful for your home computer too. We often don't realise how much useful data we store on our PCs and Laptops until it is lost.


You can benefit from our data services today by calling us or visiting our retail centre in North London.

Available for commercial and domestic customers

Protect the data that is vital to your business

You may need data transfer services for many different reasons, but we always make sure we transfer your data safely and quickly, meaning no loss of important data that has been stored on your devices. We also offer data transfer when you are upgrading or replacing your computers with new ones we supply.

Data transfer

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