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It doesn't matter if your office has one or one hundred computers; if one fails problems can occur. We provide expert computer maintenance for all the machines in your office to keep disruption to your business minimal.

Computer maintenance and repair

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Fix your faulty computers

Repair and maintenance

If one of your computers develops a fault, we can diagnose and provide a solution. In most cases we will be able to repair the fault; otherwise we can upgrade or replace it to a similar spec.

Virus removal

A virus on one machine can soon spread across the network. We can remove any viruses from your computer using the most up to date software, keeping your business safe.

If we can't fix your machine, we can provide a replacement and transfer any recoverable data from your old computer. We have many data services available to suit your needs.

Data services for machine repair

We have a range of clients from individuals to small and medium businesses, some of whom come to us from across Europe to benefit from our exceptional service and aftercare.

Highly recommended service

Repair and maintenance services for all the computers in your office

We can repair and maintain any machine you may have from Amstrad onwards. Laptops, Apple as well as Desktop PCs can all be worked on. So whatever hardware your office is running you can rely on us for an accurate diagnosis and quality fix.

Computer maintenance for all machines.

A Laptop computer undergoing repair A man repairing a CPU